BananaMoon Music

Thanks for visiting the on-line home of BananaMoon Music.

My mission is to buy and sell vinyl records and cds and give you, the customer, the best possible deal. Here’s just a few reasons why BananaMoon Music has built such a loyal customer base.

All stock is inspected and correctly graded – this is not anything like buying from a boot sale or charity shop!

Every record is cleaned, covers are repaired and inner sleeves are replaced if required.

Every cd is cleaned and reboxed in a new case.

Great Deals with competitive prices across all formats and genres, check out our fabulous three for the price of two offer on every item we have for sale. What’s more we do not overprice any item – after all we are here to sell stock not let it gather dust. We sell top quality items at realistic, affordable prices.

Customers are treated with respect and courtesy – and we are happy to talk about music all day long – in fact its like going back in time when the staff behind the counter actually knew about what they were selling – have you been to any of the High Street music retailers recently? No! Well neither have I but my customers have a good mutter about sullen youths who don’t know Bo Diddley from Barry Manilow ….. GRRRRH!

If you are looking for the best records and cds, you will find our stall at the Newgate Market, in the heart of York City – within a stone’s throw of Marks and Spencer’s and The Shambles.

We are open:

Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: 9am – 5pm

I have been selling records for donkey’s years and offer the best deals. If you live in York or are just passing through – don’t miss a visit to BananaMoon Music!! ……. And don’t forget we only trade on Saturday and Sunday!!