First of all I buy records and cds from anywhere in the UK – if you don’t live in the York area it is not a problem.

I am always interested in buying all kinds of record and cd collections, although classical music is definitely not my speciality!

If you have 7″ singles and EPs, 12″ singles and LPs, cds or anything else you think might be of interest do not hesitate in contacting me – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

If you have any items you want to sell or trade you can be confident I will offer you the best prices. Why? ….. Because I have very low overheads!!!

Here’s an important selling tip – if you have, for instance, twenty LPs to sell most dealers will probably pick out the best items and offer you a price for them. That’s OK but what are you going to do with the remaining records? You can guarantee that the dealer has picked out anything worth having and left you with the (to put it politely) rubbish.

It happens all the time and it really gets my goat! I will offer you a fair price for the full job lot and it will definitely be better than trying to sell a split collection.

You can contact me at or by phone or text on 0745 9722698.

Don’t bother with making out a list (unless you already have one) a general idea of the kind of records and/or CDs you have will be quite sufficient to be going on with.

Home visits are generally not a problem although geographical restrictions may apply.