As all my regular customers know the ‘vinyl revival’ is well and truly alive and kicking at BananaMoon Music in York. Furthermore CD sales are going really well too. There’s always that debate as to which format sounds best and vinyl seems to be winning. But CDs have many benefits ….. when’s the last time you played a record in your car on the way to work?
Now I’ve been a record collector for years and if I’m honest out of the two I play loads more CDs than vinyl. I think its mainly down to the ease of use more than a preference for the depth of sound. I also think sometimes we all get carried away with the ‘romance’ of the ‘traditional’ record. The artwork, the look of the vinyl, perhaps even the smell of an old record ….. all in their own ways special to the true vinyl collector.
So what has sparked the vinyl revival, I’ve got my own theory and its nothing to do with consumer demand!!
But I’ll write another post later in the week and hopefully it might be the start of another talking point!!